Reported Deaths Of Foreigners 2021


  1. Unknown foreigner (Chinese) unknown, PP
  2. YIFENG LIU, male, 27 years old, from Fujian Province, China, murder/stabbing, Poipet
  3. Gary Moss, British, 55, ulcer, PP
  4. PETER JAMES MCKEOWN, American, 87, stroke, SR
  5. Leong Kam Sing, a 38-year-old Malaysian, HA, SHV,
  6. Martin Lynch 72, British, unknown, PP
  7. Unnamed Chinese man, HA, PP
  8. Unidentified Chinese male, car crash, Kampong Speu
  9. Xiao Bo Chinese male, 38, murder, PP
  10. CAO RUIXIN, a 21-year-old Chinese female, murder, PP
  11. ZHEN YUA, 53-year-old, Chinese male, HA, SHV, KPSBN
  12. HIERRY FRANCOIS RAYMOND DE GORGUETTE D ARGOEUVES, 67, a French national, diabetes, Siem Reap
USA1Poipet1Murder (stabbing)1
UK2Siem Reap2Ulcer1
Malaysia1SHV2Heart attack3
France1Kampong Speu1Stroke1
Male11Female1Average age 494/1049.4
  1. Chinese man Wang Meiguang, 45, strange fall, SHK
  2. WU JINNONG, a 27-year-old Chinese man, fall, SHK
  3. Jacques (Jack) Hemri Decrock, Belgian, unknown, PP
  4. Tran Van Tan, 31 year old Vietnamese, suicide by truck.
  5. KENNETH G MCKINNON, a 77 year old Canadian, unknown cause, Koh Rong
  6. Cornelius Mukinney or McKinney, a 64-year-old New Zealander, traffic accident, PP
  7. LAM VAN SIA, a 40-year-old Vietnamese construction worker, heart attack, SHV. GDI
  8. XIAO AIXIU, a 40-year-old Chinese woman, suicide, PP http://XIAO AIXIU, a 40-year-old Chinese woman
  9. ABDERRAHMANE KANDI, 68. French, chronic lung disease, SR
  10. Unidentified white male, approx 60, unknown, PP (later id’d as Micheal Sabine USA)
  11. JANG SEONGSU, a 22-year-old male Korean, buggy accident, SR
  12.  ADELFA SIEGA, a Philippines female, 73, unspecified natural causes, Takeo.
  13. René Schrader, Dutch male, traffic accident, PP
  14. ANNE-MARIE WYMYSLOWSKI, 66, French female, heart attack SR
  15. Jason Aaaron Meinhart, American, 40, drug OD, PP
  16. LONGONGMIN, 53, Korean man, heart attack, SR.


17. JACQUES LOUIS MARIE PATURLE, a 78 year old French national. Heart attack, PP

18. Luke Walley, British, 26, suspected heart attack/drowning, PP

19. Unknown Dutch male (source, his neighbour). Problems after a fall, PP.

20. Unidentified Chinese male, fall from hotel.

21. MPILI ADIREL GARLEY EDNICK, 24, Congolese, drowning, Koh Rong


23. CHRISTIAN WEIDMANN, a 76-year-old German, colon cancer, SR

24. Unknown South Korean, 55, motorcycle crash, PP

25. Paul Raymond Green, British, 63, heart attack, SR

26. Nigel Aslett Boatman, 84, British, heart attack, PP

27. Niu Shuangsuo, Chinese, 52, heart attack, SHK

28. Kim Insu, Korean, 45, suicide, PP

29. Jan Henri Camp, 65, Dutch, cancer, SR LINK


30. ALOM JAHANGIR, a 46-year-old Bangladeshi, heart attack, PP

31. MARASIGAN MORESETTE ACERO, 21, Philippines, moto accident, PP

32. Unnamed Chinese man, 41, construction fall, PP

33. RAJAMANICKAM SHANKAR, an Indian national aged 47, heart attack, PP

34. GREGORY JOHN LAZENBY, Australian, 56, PP, heart attack.

35. Chinese male, murder (stabbing) SHK

36. MICHAEL DAVID PEARSON, 78, American, heart attack, SR

37. Nikolai Smirnov, Russian, suicide by drowning, Kampot.

38. Unknown Chinese male, fall, SHK

39. Unknown Chinese man, unknown causes, PP

40. Thai male, electrocution, BTB

41. TAN BAK TONG, 62 year old Malaysian male, heart attack, SR

42. David Fletcher, 74, British, unknown, prison, SR

43. Unknown Chinese man, fall/jump, PP

44. ‘Jin’ Chinese male, 50, suicide by hanging, SHK (Twitter/Chinese WeChat)

45. CHAN CHEOKATA, a 57-year-old Singaporean man, heart attack, PP


46. Kuncheul Hong, 38, Korean, suicide by hanging, PP

47. Unnamed Frenchman (Marc), suicide by stabbing, 43, PP.

48. Chu, 32, Chinese male, stabbed, SHV

49. LIU XUEHUA, 40, a Chinese road worker, work accident (crushed) SR

50. GOPULA LINGANNA, 35, an Indian construction worker, suicide by hanging, PP

51. Unknown male, unknown cause, PP

52. JOSEF RUDOLF MORLOG, 70, German, heart attack, SR

53. ROBERT PAUL CADDY, 60, British, heart attack, Kampot.

54. Unknown white male named ‘Jan’, moto accident (maybe heart attack), Kampot

55. Markus Zahner, 67, Swiss, suspected assault, PP


56. PENG ZHIMING, 43, Chinese, (husband), murder, SHK

57. CHEN YE QING, 32 (wife) murder, SHK

58. Unidentified Chinese male, unknown, SHK

59. Unnamed Nepalese man, 33, heart attack, PP

60. Fei Shiqi, 53 Chinese man, traffic accident, PP

61. Felix Leo Steinmann, 57, Swiss, heart attack, PP

62. Unknown Chinese male, fall from hotel (later reported as murder), SHK

63. Unknown Chinese male, killed in building collapse, Kampot

64. British man, terminal illness, Kampot.

65. JEAN LOUIS DUVIGNEAU, French, 64, liver cancer, SR

66. Charles Roy Vest, 68, American, cancer, BTB RASMEI

67. DANIEL PHILLIP AUXIER, 31, American, embolism, SR

68. Chinese man Gu Fang YUAN, 30, heart attack, Bavet.

69. Christopher David Beard, US, 67, liver disease, SR

70. Nigerian male, hit & run, PP.


72. LIN YIZE, Chinese, 24, heart attack, PP

77. SONG XINYA, a 53-year-old Chinese, sex pill induced heart attack, SHK

78. ‘Jacky’, 58 (or 63), Taiwanese male, collapsed, unspecified disease, PP


79. WU YOUGONG male, 44-year-old Chinese, heart attack, Bati, Takeo

80. XING YINGHU, Chinese, 47, heart attack, SHK

81.Unidentified Indian man, 33, PP

82. Unknown white male, suspected OD, PP

83. FRITZ HENRIK ​HEGNER, 66, drugs, PP

84. Sivam Raman, Malaysian, heart attack, PP

84.DAVID BRIAN MCGEORGE a 62-year-old British male, unspecified cause, PP

85. Japanese man, FUKUMOTO TSUGIO, 76, heart attack, SR

86. Melenia Lie, Indonesian female, heart failure, SHK

87. DAI YONGGUANG, 38, Chinese, heart attack, PP

88. Anne Copplestone, 48, New Zealand, unknown, BTB

89. Ross Nicols, Canadian, 72, heart attack, PP

90.  Li Jingmou, a 49-year-old Chinese, unknown, Pursat

91. Adrian Grocutt, 45, British, unknown, SR

92. Park Yong, Korean prisoner, 66, blood pressure, PP


93. Daniel Lee Rodinson, 63, New Zealand, heart attack, SR

94. Tong Cambell, 59, Hong Kong Chinese, heart attack, PP

95. Peter Reeve, Australian, 71, unknown, SR

96. ZHANG YONGHUI, Chinese, 40, brain tumor, SHK

97. Tian Yunhai, a 57-year-old male from China, head injuries after construction accident, PP

98. Denis Gambade, French, heart attack, Siem Reap.

99. KENNETH RANDY MARET, 64, American, stroke, SR

100. Stephen West, 63, British, heart attack, SHV

101. GRAEME NOEL DUNCAN, 72, New Zealander, diabetes,

102-103. 2 unnamed Chinese males, road accident, PP

104. TERENCE MICHAEL MCILKENNY, 56, Irish, heart attack,

105. NGUYEN CANH NHAN, a 36-year-old Vietnamese national, fall, PP

106. Amoah Samuel, Ghana, unclear, 28, PP

107. PIER PAOLO GIAN MARIA TAVIANI, 49, Italian, heart attack, PP


108. Anders Eriksson, 41, Swedish, heart attack, PP

109. LIN BINGYI, 20, woman Chinese, fall, PP

110. NGUYEN HUU LUONG, 55, a Vietnamese, river boat accident, PP

111. MAO YOUFAN, 44, Chinese, heart attack, PP

112. LI QING PING, a 56-year-old Chinese man, heart attack, SHV

113. Unnamed Chinese man, 46, died having sex (heart attack) Kampong Cham

114. TREVOR ROYSTON FRIEND, British, 76, stroke, SR

115. DAVID GERVAIS JEAN HENRI VALENTIE, French, 56, heart attack, PP

116. NIKITENKO ANDREI, Russian, 54, unknown, SHV

117. MANUEL AGUIAR BRAVO VITOR , Portuguese, 73, diabetes, SR

118. Unknown Chinese man, traffic accident, SHV.

119.  HO KHAC QUY, 28 years old, Vietnamese, Heart attack, Kampong Thom NOKOR

120. Nick HYETT British man, traffic accident (moto) Kampot –

121. Peter Dahlke, German, unknown, PP


122.  37-year-old Chinese man named WANG XIAODONG, heart attack, PP

123. 36-year-old Chinese man, Chang Xi, moto crash, PP

124. Jang Heyiyoung, a 31 year old Korean woman, fall, PP.

125. Alan Blake, UK, kidney problems, Kampot

126. DONG YANYOU, aged 50, Chinese, factory explosion, Kampong Speu,

127. WILLIAM JACK LAMBER, American, 76, lung cancer, SR

128. JIANG BANGXING, Chinese, 30, heart attack, PP

129. LEONID BRASLAVSKIY, a 50-year-old Russian, heart attack/lung disease, Takhmao.

130. JOHN EDWARD ROFHEART, a 71-year-old American man, heart disease, PP KHR

131. BOB HARJANTO, Indonesian, 27, HIV/AIDS, SHV

132, Don Smythe, American, cancer, Tbong Khmom

133. David Scott, 79, British, heart attack, PP

134. Ron, Australian, unknown, Kampot

135. Hadad Ronen, a 61-year-old Israeli man, heart attack, PP

136. Benjamin Broekman, Dutch, unknown, PP


138. Jack Chance Matthews, American, 49, heart attack, Kampot

139. Unknown Chinese man, presumed drowned, PP

140. CHIN RUOJIAN, a Chinese man, aged 26, drowing, Kampong Speu

141. Zhnag (*Zhang) Bing, a 45-year-old Chinese man, murder, Kampng Speu

142. CATHERINE TRAN LEAB, female, 79 years old, French/Khmer, unknown, PP

143. THOMAS PAR TOLFVENSTAM, a 46 year old Swedish national ‘medical drug reaction’, Siem Reap

144. Richard Alcock, British, sepsis, PP


145. DIMOV IVAN TSEVTANOV, Bulgarian, 59, fall down stairs, SR POST NWS

146. Jurgen Andreas Roos, 55, German, moto crash, Kep

147. Russell Mark Stone, 72 Australian, heart attack, PP

148 MATTHEW ROBERT SIMPSON, British, 62, heart attack, SR

149. Craig Bullock, British man, unknown, Kampot

150. Unknown European, SHV

151. JEAN CLAUDE JOSEPH SAVONA, French, cancer, PP

152. WU Chi Hsun, Taiwanese male, condo ‘fall’ escaping police PP

153. Thai man JIKKRATHOK VIRAT, 33, heart attack, SR

154. CLAUDE SEBASTIAN HENDY, Australian, 62, lung disease.

155. 20-year-old HUA WEIZHU, a Chinese female, suicide by drowning, PP

156. HE XIANQING, 41, heart attack, Kandal

157. 94-year-old French man, JEAN REMY ARTHUR LAMOOT, pneumonia, SR

158. David Lilley, British, Kampot, unknown.

159. WANG XUEJIN, a 55-year-old Chinese man, heart attack, PP

160. He Jianbo, aged 30, Chinese, strange casino ‘fall’


161. PETER GERHARD CLAUBEN, a 58-year-old German man, perforation of the colon and peritonitis, PP

162. Unidentified foreign male, suicide by jumping, PP

163. Unidentified Chinese male, moto crash, PP

164. Unidentified Vietnamese female, traffic accident SR

165.Unidentified Vietnamese female, traffic accident SR

166. Unidentified Vietnamese female, traffic accident SR

167. Unidentified Vietnamese male, traffic accident SR

168.Unidentified Vietnamese male, traffic accident SR

169. Unidentified Vietnamese male, traffic accident SR

170. CHANG SIR HAO, Canadian citizen (Cambodian born), 61, heart attack, PP

171. IAN JAMES NEWTON, 57, British, heart attack, SR

172. CHAI YONGLIN, Chinese male, 63, blood pressure, SHV

173. BARRY WILLIAM MOSS, a 57-year-old British man, heart attack, PP

174. TOMMI JUNANI VIKKULA , a 47-year-old Finnish man, drugs, PP

175. Zhang Liangi, 29, Chinese man fall (probable suicide), SHV

176. SONCHAN WATCHARAPONG, Male, 32 years old, Nationality Thai, suicide by hanging, Pailin.

177. Micheal Wilhelm Brabsche, German, 62, PP, blood pressure


178. Unidentified Chinese male, murder, SHV

179. ARTHUR CHISTIAN VAN LAARHOVEN, Dutch male, 58, heart disease, SR

180. LI YI, female, Chinese, 30, suicide (jumping)

181. Unidentified Chinese male, unknow cause, KRS

182.  DAVID JOSEPH CURTIN, American, 77, heart attack, PP

183. LI GUO QING, 28, a Chinese male, SHV

184. MENG WEIEN, Chinese male, 36 years old, murder, PP

185. AHMEDOV DAVID, a 25-year-old male from TURKMENISTAN, apparent suicide by hanging, Kampong Cham

186. Lim Tech Eng, French (Cambodian born), 91, blood pressure/kidney failure, 91, PP

187. Frank CICCONE JR, 64, heart disease, PP

188. Nguyen Vuong Kheang, 44 years old, Vietnamese, ‘wind’, Bavet

China- 56

UK- 19


Korea- 8

France- 12

Netherlands- 6

Germany- 7

New Zealand-4

India- 3

Vietnam- 12

Philippines- 2


Australia- 5

Belgium- 1

Congo- 1


Russia- 3

Thailand- 3

Malaysia- 2

Singapore- 1

Switzerland- 2

Nigeria- 1

Italy- 1

Portugal- 1

Nepal- 1

Taiwan- 2

Japan- 1

Denmark- 1

Indonesia- 2

Hong Kong- 1

Ireland- 1

Sweden- 2

Ghana- 1

Israel- 1

Bulgaria- 1

Finland- 1

Turkmenistan- 1




SHV- 28

Kampot- 12

BTB- 3

Takeo- 2

Bavet- 3

Koh Rong Islands- 3

Pursat- 1

Kampong Cham-2

Kampong Thom- 1

Kampong Speu- 3

Kandal- 2

Tbong Khmum- 1


Pailin- 1

Oddar Meanchey- 1

Heart attack- 56

Traffic related- 21

Fall- 14

Suicide- 14



Drugs- 6


Construction accident- 2

Stroke- 2


Lung disease- 2

Kidneys- 2

Electrocution- 1

Crushed- 1

Embolism- 1

Falling building- 1

Terminal illness- 1

Blood pressure- 3

Liver- 1

Sex pills- 1

Brain tumor- 1

Explosion- 1


Sepsis- 1

Pneumonia- 1

peritonitis- 1

Unknown- 29

Male- 173 Female -15

Average age: 47.4 (6634/140)

China56 PP82 Heart attack56
UK18 SR39 Traffic related15
France12 SHK28 Fall14
USA13 Kampot11 Suicide14
Korea8 BTB3 Murder9
Vietnam6 Takeo2 Cancer7
Germany7 Bavet3 Drugs6
New Zealand4 Koh Rong3 Drowning4
Netherlands6 Pursat1 Construction accident2
India3 Kampong Cham2 Stroke2
Philippines2 Kampong Thom1 Diabetes2
Russia3 Kampong Speu3 Lung disease2
Canada3 Unknown3 Kidney failure2
Malaysia2 Kandal2 Electrocution 1
Australia5 TKh1 Crushed1
Switzerland2 Kep1 Embolism1
Belgium1  Pailin 1 Falling building1
Congo1  Oddar Meanchey 1 Terminal illness1
Bangladesh1    Blood pressure3
Thailand3    Liver disease1
Singapore1    Sex pills1
Nigeria1    Brain tumor1
Italy1    Explosion1
Portugal1    Unknown29
Nepal1    HIV/AIDS1
Taiwan2    Sepsis1
Japan1     Pneumonia 1
Denmark1     peritonitis 1
Hong Kong1      



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