British Teacher Dies In Hotel Elevator

Phnom Penh: A British man died in the elevator point at ROSE LANDY apartment, Trapeang Chhouk village, Sangkat O Bek Kam, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, at 6 pm on May 29, 2021.

Authorities say the body was identified as PETER JOHN LOCK, 56, a British national working as an English teacher. Authorities examined the urine of the corpse which tested positive for opiates (morphine).

According to a Thai male friend “On the evening of May 29, 2021, while I was in the room, someone knocked on the door and told me the victim had a fall in the elevator”

They called an ambulance but the Briton was already dead.

According to Kith Sarom, a 41-year-old male employee of the apartment, “On the evening of May 29, 2021, I saw the victim riding a tricycle from outside and coming down from the tricycle. After falling, the victim walked into the elevator and disappeared. After a while, a Thai man and a black (African) man were seen coming out of the elevator and calling for an ambulance. When it arrived, doctors found that the victim was dead.”

According to the conclusion of the competent experts that “the victim died of a heart attack caused by the use of morphine.” 

The body is currently kept at Wat Teuk Thla.

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