UPDATE: Chinese Woman & Dog Killed In Sihanoukville Apartment

Sihanoukville: According to initial reports, on October 29, at 9:40 am, a young Chinese woman found dead in apartment 2211, on the 22nd floor of a building located in Group 13, Village 01, Sangkat 03, Preah Sihanouk Province..

It is understood that the Chinese woman was living alone with a dog, which was lying dead next to her body. Police are believed to be treating the incident as a murder case.

At present, the police are conducting an autopsy, and the specific cause of death has not been disclosed.

UPDATE: Police have named the victim as Wan Mou, aged 22 from Jiangxi, China. They have confirmed she was murdered and a 42-year-old Chinese man has been taken in for questioning, but has not yet been charged.

UPDATE: In a bizarre twist to the horrific crime, the victim appears to have been named in mistake, and is a Vietnamese woman (unidentified).

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  • October 30, 2021 at 3:12 pm

    in Chinese media it’s said she is Vietnamese

    “On the morning of October 29, a woman was found suspiciously dead in an apartment in Sihanoukville. Since then, some media reported that the woman was Chinese, but it was investigated that the woman was Vietnamese.

    The police are investigating at the scene

    The incident occurred in Room 2211 of an apartment in Sihanoukville. The woman just checked into the room at noon on October 28.

    A Cambodian media reported this morning (October 30) that the woman was a Chinese woman, Wan Mou, who was 22 years old this year and had passport information. The report also stated that the apartment owner Chen Mou had been taken away by the police for investigation.

    However, the owner Chen told “New Phnom Penh” that he is now at the sales office and has not been taken away by the police. The woman is Vietnamese and has a Chinese boyfriend. Her boyfriend is currently missing.

    Chen told the reporter of “New Phnom Penh” that the Vietnamese woman rented the room through the Chinese woman Wan, so Wan’s passport information was registered, but Wan did not live in the room.

    Chen said that the woman was found on the ground yesterday and was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. The woman suffered a serious head injury but did not die on the spot. “There is only a little pulse, and only God’s will.” Yesterday night, the woman was injured. His Vietnamese friend was sent to Phnom Penh for treatment.

    Chen went to the Sihanoukville Police Station to cooperate with the investigation yesterday and left the police station after providing relevant information to the police.”


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