Husband Asks Not to Prosecute Stabby Wife

Tbong Khmom: A woman stabbed her husband in the stomach with a knife at about 7 pm on 14 April 2019.

The victim, identified as Nan Touch, 28, lives in Chey Nikong village, Kandol Chrum commune, Ponhea Krek district, was badly injured in the incident, which left his intestines out of his body. His wife was brought to the police station of Ponhea Krek district.

Police said that on the day, the husband left the house to drink with friends.

According to the source, while coming home, the husband was drunk and a violent argument flared up with his wife. After his wife took a kitchen knife and stabbed him, the man tried to walk to the hospital, but his innards began leaking out, causing shocked onlookers to call an ambulance to take him to the hospital in Kampong Cham. The wife was then arrested.

Police in Ponhea Krek district said in the afternoon of April 15, that he was recovering and asked not to send his wife to prosecution at the court, because no one would look after their two small children if she was found guilty.

Later, the criminal court official asked the police chief to come to the hospital to clarify the victim’s case and report to the prosecutor about the case of domestic violence.

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