Angkor Mural By Cambodian Artist Completed In Cabra, NSW

Sydney: A Cambodian street artist Hun Sopheak , under the name “Sopheak-art” has completed a giant mural in  Cabramatta, a suburb of Sydney.

The artpiece was funded by the Cambodian Living Arts and Culture of New South Wales, and is reported to be the first of it’s kind in Australia, and it is hoped that it will further promote Cambodia’s cultural visibility, Australia’s multicultural landscape, and be a symbol of enhanced Cambodia-Australia friendship.

The full building mural took two and a half weeks to paint, and the transformation was captured on TikTok.



Replying to @Cameron Chinaya Update on the apsara mural at #cabramatta !! Its been two days since, and the colouring of the sky has begun ✨ Anyways, i get it, if someone sounded like they were disrespecting my culture id be upset too ! #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #xyzbca #apsara #cambodia #mural

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More videos of the painting can be seen on CLAC FACEBOOK PAGE


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