50+ Drug Using Cops Fired Since October

Phnom Penh News: A spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, revealed to the media that all members of the police force are being tested for illegal drug use. So far, more than 50 police officers have been fired due to drug involvement.

He revealed that police forces such as the National Police Headquarters and the Prisons General Bureau began conducting drug testing in October last year, and so far more than 50 people have been dismissed for drug abuse. He noted that regular drug testing of the police force is still ongoing.

Since becoming interior minister, Sar Sokha announced a clean-up, warning that anyone in the police force who uses drugs will be fired; and anyone involved in a hit-and-run accident will be also be terminated.

The new Cambodian government has made combating drugs a top priority and launched an iron-handed “war” on drugs.

In September last year, Prime Minister Hun Many signed a resolution to appoint a new leadership team of the National Anti-Narcotics Agency. 

In December last year, the Prime Minister Hun Manai ordered the removal of drug-using personnel from the National Police, National Gendarmerie, Royal Family Army and other military and police departments.


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