Mob Beat Homeless 13-Year-Old Alleged Thief

Phnom Penh: A boy suffered severe head injuries and fell to the ground as a group of people chased and beat him, accusing him of being a thief. The assailants then escaped without anyone complaining that they lost any property. 

Afterwards, the defense force of Sangkat Choam Chao I handed him over to the police of Post Choam Chao II for questioning, because it was suspected that the boy had stolen property in the area.

The incident of violence occurred at 8:45 am on December 22, 2020, in Sangkat Choam Chao I, Khan Por Sen Chey.

The boy was not identified, and it was only reported that he was 13 years old, and the whereabouts of his parents and relatives are unknown. It his reported that the boy made a living collecting scrap metal and was homeless, according to the information from the police at the 2nd Chao Chao Post.

The source added that before the incident, while the boy was riding on a trailer, a group of people on a motorcycle chased after him. When they arrived at the scene, they caught him and kicked the boy, causing him to injure his head and fall to the ground. It is alleged that the boy stole other people’s property in Prey Lvea village, Sangkat Choam Chao II, Khan Por Sen Chey.

The source added that after the incident, no evidence of any theft was found on the boy, while the group of people who attacked the boy escaped, with nobody making a police complaint. 

After that, the People’s Defense Force of Sangkat Choam Chao I went down and handed him over to the police of Post Choam Chao II for questioning. However, when he arrived, the police could not question him because he was seriously injured and was sent to Pochentong Referral Hospital for treatment. POST NEWS

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