Next Step Football Club Rebrand to Angkor City Football Club

Next Step Football Club are proud to officially announce that we have rebranded our club to Angkor City Football Club.

Our announcement comes as a number of news sources have speculated about not only the name change, but our reasons for doing so. And while we would liked to have announced the news sooner, we needed to wait for shareholder, fans and sponsors to agree and review.

Speaking about the name change Next Step FC/Angkor City FC founder and Club Manager Charlie Pomroy stated “We began Next Step FC as a developmental side, but since then have transitioned into a professional side taking part in the Cambodian league system. With this in mind we wanted to change our name in order to not only project, but create a more professional environment and team”.

And as for the reason for Angkor City FC? “The name represents many things, but chief among them is that it firmly plans our roots in both Siem Reap and Cambodia, while also being a classic football club name”.

And of course there is also the “City” element, with Pomroy adding that it was in part inspired by the City Group of clubs, led by Manchester City “We are aiming for success, and right now City Group and Manchester City are the benchmark for that”.

As well as the name change, it has also meant a new logo, as well as football kits, much of which has now been released as part of the rebrand.

The overall ethos of the club would not change though, with Pomroy again pointing out it was a rebrand rather than a reorientation stating “We are the same club and our ethos remains like it always has. We are here to develop players and football within Cambodia. We are though also now setting ourselves up for success”.

The news has so far been warmly welcomed by fans, as well as sponsors, who include BPVE, Desportol, Young Pioneer Tours, Forte Insurance and WeWatch to name but a few.

The new era was ushered in with the club announcing.

As Next Step we made history at Angkor City we will build a legacy”.

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