BMW Driver Sent to Court Over Death of a Motorcyclist

Takhmao City Police have sent a case involving a female BMW owner who allegedly caused the death of a motorcyclist, a young Khmer Muslim and seriously injured two other people to Kandal Provincial Court, said Yi Vanda, the Takhmao City police inspector.

The inspector claimed that the offenders gave the victims’ families $2,000 in compensation. Because it is still pending in court, the matter is still being sent there.

It is alleged that the victim was killed by a red BMW driven by 30-year-old Phnom Penh resident In Soeun and bearing the plate 2AX-8987.

The incident causing the death of a motorcyclist happened at Doeum Kor village, Takhmao, in Kandal province, at the car wash VS on National Road 2 around 8pm on January 8, 2023.

Source Fresh News

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