Chinese Man Admits To Murdering Man Over $3000 Debt

Svay Rieng Province: Police arrested a Chinese suspect in a murder case after the victim owed $ 3,000 and refused to pay.

The incident happened at 5:15 on July 2, 2022 at the apartment building No. 7 of Mok Bay Casino, 6th floor, room 7607. Located in Bavet Kandal Village, Sangkat Bavet, Bavet City, Svay Rieng Province.

According to the police, the victim was 38-year-old GONG JIANGYONG, a Chinese national living in the apartment.

The suspect is ZHU JUN SHENG, 32, a Chinese national, works as an online supplier of materials at Mokbai Casino in Bavet City.

Sources said that the police received information about a suspected murder, and immediately after receiving the information, the Bavet City Police Inspectorate, in cooperation with the provincial specialized force led by Mr. Koy Sopheap, Deputy Commissioner for Criminal Police Planning, led the specialized force of the Office of Technical, Scientific, Special Forces of the Criminal Police Office with the participation. From Dr. Tum Borey, Deputy Director of Chi Phu Referral Hospital and with the coordination of Mr. Chhiv Ek Kong, Deputy Prosecutor of the Provincial Court Svay Rieng went down to the scene to examine the body.

As a result of the autopsy, it was found that the body had died as a result of murder.

Following the results of the investigation on July 2, 2022, the authorities identified a person named ZHU JUN SHENG and brought him in for questioning.

In front of the police, the suspect confessed that he had indeed committed the murder of Gong Jingyung, adding that he was angry with the victim, who owed $ 3,000 and refused to pay.

The suspect was sent by the police to the provincial office to build a case for legal action. MCPN

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