Crash Landings At Ponchentong, June 1971

Wednesday, 23 June 1971, Pochentong Khmer airfield, outside of the capital city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. ‘Scatback’ C-47D s.n. 43-49680 was ‘downed’ on final (eastern) approach to Pochentong by heavy/crossing communist AK-47 ground fire.

Lieutenant Colonel John A. Adams, asst. Director of Operations, 460th TRW/ADO was able to make the airfield, crashing into a klong (ditch) next to the runway.The previous day, a Phan Rang AB F-100D Super Sabre experienced an engine inflight emergency (IFE) and diverted to the first available runway: Pochentong Khmer airfield! An unwanted, undesirable …but expedient alternative to bailing out over enemy territory.

Onboard the incident C-47 was a Phan Rang J57 engine change Mx crew that survived the Gooney Bird AA attack and crash landing. The jet engine specialists completed their assignment in rapidly repairing their grounded Super Sabre. The Mx crew was returned to homeplate by a separately dispatched C-47 airlifter. The F-100 Returned To Base.

“The Noise Never Dies: Tan Son Nhut 1970-1971” Chapter VI Credit: Bob Laymon (Published 2003 by Intaglio Press)

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