Hotel Fight Leads To Thai Woman’s Murder

Pailin Province: According to the report of Mr. Meak Saran, Police Inspectorate of Sala Krao District, at 21:30 on June 22, 2022, there was a case of violence between a Thai man and a woman. The two people argued and cursed each other, causing the man to get angry and stab the woman with a sharp knife, causing serious injuries. She was sent to the hospital, but later died.

The district inspector continued that this case happened at the point of the hotel Much Pich, Room 204 in Phsar Prom Cheung village, Stung Karch commune, Sala Krao district, Pailin province. Police arrested the suspect, named as Kapanyatha Tammaseng, a 30-year-old Thai man.

The victim, Ching Mey, a 30-year-old Thai woman, was staying at the Mukch Pich Hotel in Room 204.

The district police confiscated a sharp knife as evidence, and are following legal procedures. MCPN

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