Chinese Trio Detained With Gun Following Bungled Kidnap

Sihanoukville: At 2 p.m. on June 12 (*other sources say 16 and 17), a Chinese man reported to the police in the 6th village, District 4, Sihanoukville, claiming that his friend was almost kidnapped by a group of Chinese menAfter an investigation by the local police, three Chinese suspects were arrested.

It is understood that the reason for this case is that the victim and one of the suspects entered into a joint business in February 2022, resulting in a loss of $1.2 million, causing a dispute.

According to the man who reported the incident, three Chinese men in a white Mercedes-Benz and a Chinese man in pickup parked in front of a friend’s company, then got out of the car and tried to grab the victim. His friend pulled him into the car and took him away and called the police.

Local police rushed to the scene immediately and stopped the Mercedes-Benzand arrested the three Chinese suspects inside. Another Chinese suspect in the car abandoned the car and fled, while others drove away.

It is reported that the three suspects are: JIN KAI BIN, WANG YING, and YANG QIAN JUN, the latter pair working as security guards. The suspect escaped was named as Min Si Song, also known as Xiao Song, male, 27 years old. The victim is YU LIANG, male, 33 years old, Chinese nationality, a businessman.

A Zoraki ‘blank’ pistol and 8 bullets were seized. Zoraki guns usually only fire blank rounds, but there have been cases of similar weapons being converted to fire live ammunition.

Currently, local police are hunting for other suspects. 58CAM

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