Poipet Teens Arrested After Sword Slashing Chinese Men

Poipet: According to police sources, on the morning of June 10, two Cambodian youths slashed and wounded two Chinese men with knives in Poipet City, and were arrested by local police.

It is reported that the above two suspects were aged 17 years old; and 16 years old, both living in Poipet City. The two Chinese victims were named as Zhou, male, 22 years old and Wang, male, 33 years old.

According to the police, after hearing reports of violence the local police rushed to the scene to investigate, and arrested the two suspects not far away. A long knife and a motorcycle were seized.

According to the confessions of the two suspects, they admitted that they attacked Chinese men because they mistakenly thought the two Chinese men had attempted to steal their girlfriends.

The two suspects have been taken to the local police station, pending legal proceedings. 58cam

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