Cow Carnage In Svay Rieng

Svay Rieng Province: At least 5 out of 7 cows died on National Road 314D, causing a surprise to the people and the authorities.

The incident happened at 9:45 pm on May 29, 2022 on National Road 314D in front of Kampong Rou Market in Svay Village. Anat, Nhor commune, Kampong Rou district, Svay Rieng province.

Police said that prior to the incident, an unidentified vehicle was traveling from south to north, at high speeds . At the scene, it hit 7 cows that were sleeping on the national road, causing 5 cows to die immediately on the spot.

The source added that of the five cows that died, four belonged to Chen Sovanny, a 48-year-old female, and another cow belonged to Phok Valeak, a 45-year-old female, both of whom live in Svay Anat village, Nhor district Kampong Ror, Svay Rieng province. NOKORWAT

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