Wartime Chinese UXOs Fpund In Battambang Field

Battambang: Farmers found ammunition left over from the war in Rukkiri district while clearing cassava land in Battambang province.

The unexploded ordnance was discovered on May 25, 2022 in Svay Yor village, Muk Ra commune, Rukkiri district, Battambang province. Yorm Yom, a 59-year-old farmer living near the scene, who found the munitions, said that on the morning of the incident, he went to his farm and cleared the cassava land. He came across a series of bullets and cartridges and ran to report to local authorities and professional officers to collect and store in a safe place waiting to be destroyed.

The unexploded ordnance included 18x 60mm mortar rounds made in China, 17 mortar fuses and 9 shotgub cartridges.


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