Brit Remanded In SR Prison Over Hammer Attack On Woman

Siem Reap Province: A British man who used a hammer to beat a Cambodian woman, causing her to suffer from a broken right jaw was seen by the Investigating Judge of the Siem Reap Provincial Court, Mr. Seang Nara, and given a detention order in Siem Reap Provincial Prison, on the evening of May 20, 2022, after he was charged with intentional aggravated assault.

According to the report of the Siem Reap Provincial Police, at 5:20 pm on May 18, 2022, the Siem Reap authorities arrested a British national over a case of intentional violence with aggravating circumstances (beating-the victim) in front of a rented room in Boeung Don Pa village, Sangkat Slor Kram, Siem Reap city / province.

Brigadier General Pheng Chendareth, Deputy Commissioner in charge of Criminal Planning, confirmed that the suspect was JON LEON LOV (*possibly Love), male, born on 06-10-1965, British. The victim was Uy Sorya, a 38-year-old Cambodian woman, who was staying in a rented room at the scene of the incident. The attack caused bleeding lips and fractures of the right jaw bone. Another blow hit the back of her head, causing swelling, and she was sent to be treated at the Ta Prohm Clinic (around Phsar Leu) .

After the incident, Ms. Va Sakda, Acting Prosecutor of the Siem Reap Provincial Prosecutor’s Office, requested to temporarily detain the perpetrator at the Siem Reap Provincial Police to prepare a case.

After Ms. Va Sakda, the (Acting) Prosecutor decided to charge the perpetrators with aggravated intentional violence and sent them to Investigating Judge Seang Nara on the evening of On May 20, 2022, he was charged with aggravated intentional violence and issued a temporary detention order in Siem Reap Provincial Prison. NKD

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