Monkey: Journey To The Westport

Sihanoukville: After a picture was posted on Facebook of Sun Ou Kong (a popular Chinese character known as ‘Monkey/Monkey King’ in the west), selling fried rice on a public street in Sihanoukville, the public was very interested and the images went viral across the kingdom.

Now, the Deputy Governor of Sihanoukville has instructed the vendors not to sell on public roads like this, and to find a more suitable place to serve up, or even rent a place for sale to help clean and organize good hygiene. It was stressed that this place was for pedestrians.

One thought on “Monkey: Journey To The Westport

  • May 20, 2022 at 2:13 pm

    Why doesn’t the Deputy Governor of Sihanoukville do something about all the vendors and cars that are illegally parked on the footpaths and roads?


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