Appeal To Help Get Sick British Man Richard Kiddle Home

Hi, would this be something you would consider sharing please we are in a desperate situation and need to save my dad’s life!

On the 1st May 2022 we were devastated to find out our wonderful dad Richard suffered a brain haemorrhage and haemorrhagic stroke whilst in Cambodia. This came as a huge shock, and it was touch and go whether he would make it or if he would need brain surgery. He was left paralysed down his left side (arm and leg), with weakness in his neck and it became increasingly difficult for him to communicate clearly. Later developing difficulty swallowing solid food. 

Dad has comprehensive medical insurance with Regency For Expats but on receipt of medical reports, they have informed us they will not fund dad’s treatment. We tried all other means to raise money, including the British Consulate, who have not helped. This left us facing spiralling hospital bills for his continued care, treatment and medication.

We saw our only option would be to get dad home once he was stable enough to be medically cleared to fly (which was confirmed a few days ago).  To do this, we found a medical repatriation programme and in a matter of days, we have had to desperately raise funds within the family – now totalling £16,000 – to pay for this, plus huge hospital bills, medication and rehabilitation.  However, as a further devastating blow, this morning we learnt that dad has developed pneumonia and has gone into septic shock and is currently unconscious in ICU.  We have been told the next 72 hours are critical. 

In his current state, he would now not be given medical clearance for the medical repatriation we had already paid for on a standard flight. We have had to cancel this and have lost part of the money we had already paid to the company. 

Our only option as it stands in getting dad back to the UK would be to transport him via air ambulance from Cambodia to the UK. This will cost in the region of £85,000 and we as a family have completely reached our limits of being able to do any more financially. It is a heartbreaking position to be faced with.

We also face ongoing charges from the hospital treating him, which we have no funds to pay currently ourselves and the bills are already with us. If we don’t pay they stop treatment. It is an impossible situation.

Even, in the unlikely event that dad can get stable enough again to try the initial repatriation, this recovery would take time and all the time we have bills piling up that we can’t pay. There is even a chance he would have to stay in Cambodia and be cared for long-term. This is why we are desperately fundraising to ensure we can cover all scenarios to keep our dad alive and hopefully one day recover.

So we ask you to please, please donate whatever you can to our cause to try and bring our dad home for the urgent treatment and care he needs and for the treatment he is currently receiving and will need going forward.  Tragically, our dear mum died 10 months ago after a terrible battle with cancer. Two of his three daughters are pregnant at the moment and the stress of this is taking such a huge toll. He has two little grandsons who have already lost their beloved Grandmother and were looking forward to seeing their grandad again. Please help turn this horrendous situation around.

Donations can be made on GOFUNDME

Tanya Korteling

3 thoughts on “Appeal To Help Get Sick British Man Richard Kiddle Home

  • May 15, 2022 at 8:04 am

    Be sensible. Save the money for the 2 daughters expecting babies. Save the money for more realistic expenditures. Pneumonia, septic shock, cerebral aneurysm/stroke, geriatric age range which makes for a poor prognosis, hemiplegia which even worsens the already poor prognosis, comatose in ICU. Save. The. Money. Let nature take its course. Don’t fight the inevitable. Best way forward is to think of cost-effective local interment options to make it less financially onerous for his heirs who have real life-changing challenges to contend with if confronted with raising so much money for medical procedures unlikely to improve his prognosis. Alternatively, yes, you can fight reality and continue to tread the denial-mode path. It will be one very expensive and futile path however.

    • May 15, 2022 at 8:09 am

      I suspect Regency for Expats declined to intervene financially for the same clinical reasons I outlined above. The prognosis is poor.

  • May 15, 2022 at 5:18 pm

    once you’re above 70 most insurance co’s don’t pay. At least not those private ones that insure Expats. In all other points i fully support the statements above.


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