Rival Cockfighting Chiefs Clash In Kandal Casino

Kandal: A violent incident happened on May 05, 2022 at Galaxy Casino, Chrey Thom village, Sampov Poun commune, Koh Thom district, Kandal province near the Vietnam border.

The violence occurred when the alleged owner of the cockfighting arena in Koh Thom district and the owner of the cockfighting arena in Saang district began fighting inside the Galaxy Casino, which injured two people. A suspect was arrested by Koh Thom district authorities.

The suspect is Nguyen Bin, a 52-year-old Vietnamese man living in Keut Heto village, a casino employee. One of the injured was named as Srei Hong, male, 37 years old, Khmer, living in Prek Run village, Prek Koy commune, Saang district, Kandal province.

Prior to the incident, the suspect and the victim (Srei Hong) argued about the amount of money that the victim had lent- about ៛ 1,000,000 ($250). Theb 7-8 suspects attacked the two victims, including another man nmaed Mon Vanna, who was hit several times, while Srei Hong escaped. Suddenly, Nguyen Bin threw an Oppo mobile phone at Srei Hong’s right shoulder, and used threatening words, “I am the boss in Chrey Thom…. Do not be strong with me, I want to kill you anytime ” and many more insults.

After the incident, the victim filed a complaint at the Koh Thom District Police Inspectorate. After receiving the complaint, the Koh Thom District Special Forces, in cooperation with the Sampov Poun Police Force, intervened to detain the suspect and send him to the District Police Inspectorate to take legal action. KNN TV


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  • May 8, 2022 at 1:47 am

    How big are the Chiefs’ cocks?


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