Hungarian-Cambodian ‘Illegal’ Wedding Shut Down

Kratie: According to Cambodian media sources, on the afternoon of May 2, a wedding in Kratie Province was ordered to stop because it was not approved by the local government.

It is reported that the bride of the above-mentioned wedding is a Cambodian woman, and the groom is a Hungarian man.

On the same day, the families of the newlyweds started arranging the wedding scene early in the morning, and the guests came in one after another in the afternoon. However, after the local government was informed, it immediately rushed to the scene to stop it and demolished all the wedding halls.

The local government stated that the reason why the wedding was called off was because the Cambodian bride did not apply to the local government and did not comply with legal procedures. 58CAM

One thought on “Hungarian-Cambodian ‘Illegal’ Wedding Shut Down

  • May 6, 2022 at 8:59 am

    So glad the police have time to stop such egregious crimes!


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