Belgian David Catry Dies In Prey Sar Prison

Phnom Penh: David Catry (40) died in a Cambodian prison. The former resident of Bruges was serving a life sentence for drug smuggling. It was reported that a severe asthma attack killed him.

In January 2018, David Catry was caught with more than a kilogram of cocaine in his luggage at the airport of the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh. The drugs were hidden in a false bottom.

Initially, the Belgian denied his involvement, but during his trial he nevertheless made confessions and admitted that he had been promised 30,000 dollars.

In June 2018 the local court sentenced Catry to life imprisonment in a Cambodian prison cell.

David’s friends founded the non-profit organization Fasap – short for ‘Free as soon as possible’ – to collect money for the Bruggeling, who had lived in Cambodia for several years and started a family there.

An online petition was also launched to allow the man to serve his sentence in Belgium. Catry suffered a fatal asthma attack on the night of April 29 in his cell at Prey Sar Prison, known to Cambodians as ‘hell’.

Meanwhile, expressions of support have been pouring down on the Facebook page Free David Catn Catry. Administrator Katinka Dewitte posted an emotional message.

“We were informed through the parents that David Catry has died in prison as a result of a severe asthma attack. We are only posting this now so that the family had the chance to inform their loved ones first. We will keep you informed as soon as there is more news.

Keep you all strong and draw on the beautiful memories. Thank you very much for any kind of contribution, mail, help, support, which we and especially David received during his last difficult years. #topetegoare #alwaysinourheart”.


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