Phnom Penh Superbike Thief Caught In Pursat

Pursat Province: Pursat Police, at around 8 pm on Thursday, April 28, 2022, intercepted a man on a stolen motorcycle along National Road No. 5 in Prey Oum Mal village, Sangkat Roleap, Pursat city, Pursat province.

Brigadier General Molida, Deputy Commissioner for Criminal Planning of Pursat Provincial Police, said that the suspect Lon Thearith alias Thi, was a 31-year-old Cambodian man.

He was riding a KAWASAKI 1000R Edition motorcycle,2020 series, with license plate Phnom Penh 1JD 9955.

The Deputy Commissioner continued that the arrets took place after receiving a complaint from An Ratanak Seila, a 26-year-old Cambodian man that the suspect stole his motorcycle from a PTT gas station in Khan Por Senchey, Phnom Penh, on the afternoon of April 28, 2022.

On the afternoon of April 29, 2022, Pursat City Police said that the suspect and motorcycle were handed over to the police force of Chao Chao III Administrative Police Station and the Police Inspector of Po Sen Chey District to continue the procedure. MCPN

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