Young Suicides On The Rise Says Deputy PM

Phnom Penh: On April 23, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister HE Sar Kheng said that the number of suicide cases in Cambodia is on the rise, the situation is worrying, and most of the dead are young people.

The Deputy PM said that society needs to find a clear solution. Although no professionals have conducted detailed research, people who decide to commit suicide are generally troubled. In addition, drug use is one of the main reasons for suicide.

The president of the Cambodian Association of Counselors and Psychologists cited many factors, including psychological trauma, depression, anxiety and depression, that make young Cambodians prone to despair about life, which drives their decision to commit suicide.

The chairman said Cambodia also lacks services to support mental health, and people’s awareness of mental health issues remains very low. According to private research, only about 2% of Cambodians receive psychological services.

It is worth noting that in the first quarter of 2022 (January to March), a total of 247 suicides occurred in Cambodia, resulting in 242 deaths and 5 injuries, according to a report by the National Police Agency. At the same time, suicide cases occurred in all provinces and cities except Kep and Pailin.

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