Cambodia’s First Full Flight Simulator Set to Arrive in June 2022

Lanmei Training Center, Cambodia’s only Pilot Training Organisation and Simulator Training Center, is expecting the arrival of its $10 million A320 Full Flight Simulator in June this year (2022).

“There is a lack of aviation training expertise and facilities in Cambodia to cater for the Kingdom’s aviation industry. Currently all aviation technical training is conducted outside Cambodia, which incurs high travel and logistics costs […] We have a single-engine aircraft for pilot training and a full maintenance workshop. We are just awaiting our final piece of equipment – a brand new $10 million A320 simulator, which we expect to arrive around June,” said Captain Goh Chee Hong, LTC general manager to Phnom Penh Post.

Goh also said “that currently the vast majority of the pilots in the Kingdom’s aviation industry are foreign, with only five to 10 per cent Cambodian – and an aim of LTC is to reverse these figures.”

“With our MPL programme, Cambodians now have the opportunity to undergo their training here in Cambodia, while our current group of 16 cadets also includes people from countries such as Australia and China.”

“We run Multi Pilot Licence [MPL] and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer courses, with training conducted by technical experts from Lanmei Airlines, SSCA and certified instructors from other ATOs [Approved Training Organisations].

“LTC will also be offering Private Pilot Licence training by the fourth quarter of this year,” said Goh.

For more information, kindly contact Lanmei Training Center.


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