Buried Safrole Barrels Unearthed In Pursat

Pursat Province: At 9:30 on April 7, 2022, a young cowherd boy found 7 barrels of what is thought to be safrole- once a key ingredient to making MDMA (nowadays mostly synthesized), which had been buried in the ground.

The cowboy said that he smelled the barrels and reported to the authorities.

A search and excavation operation above was carried out by the Veal Veng District Inspectorate in cooperation with the Post and People’s Defense Forces, the District Gendarmerie, together with the commune / village authorities in O’Tar Tak in Kraing Village Ngeang, Anlong Reap commune, Veal Veng district.

On the afternoon of April 7, 2022, Lt. Col. Theang Leng said that the police confiscated 7 barrels weighing 96 kilograms, including 3 barrels that were intact and 4 barrels that were damaged.

   He confirmed that the oil was not dug and buried in the ground for a long time when the area is. Prey Stok has no residents.

   Veal Veng District Police Inspector said that after receiving this information, he immediately reported to General Tos The Pursat Provincial Police Commissioner and asked for permission from the prosecutor to lead the force to dig for the above oil.

It is not known how long the oil had been under the ground.

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