Donald Trump To Open Golf & Casino Resort In Battambang

Battambang: According to American media, former US President Donald J. Trump has purchased a 1000 hectare tract of land in Samlot District, Battambang province.

A spokesman for the Trump Organization has confirmed that plans have been submitted for approval to incorporate a 18th hole golf course, hotel and casino complex, under the name of ‘Trump Bambu’.

Lymore McSpaniel Jr, a senior executive working for Trump announced the development on Twitter- a platform that the 45th Commander-In-Chief was banned from in January 2021.

McSpaniel later told reporters by telephone from New York, that although the proposal had yet to be approved by the Cambodian authorities, he was was confident that a MoU was just ‘days away’, and forwarded questions to the new enterprise’s CEO in Southeast Asia, James Dümpkarsch.

Dümpkarsch declined an interview, but did confirm that details had been submitted and a statement regarding the rumored $250 million investment would be released shortly, and refused to comment further.

The Kingdom of Cambodia has seen a flurry of investment and tourism developments in recent years, most notably from China. SOURCE

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump To Open Golf & Casino Resort In Battambang

  • April 2, 2022 at 8:32 pm

    Just when you thought the world is going nuts and it couldn’t get worse here he is : The US Clown buying 1000 Hectares of Land for a friggin Golf Course. But than….. he may prevent a US triggered Regime Change in Cambodia.

    • June 6, 2022 at 6:39 pm

      Just curious, why is he a “US Clown” in your eyes? And from what country do you hail from? Curious.


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