Trucker Beats Massage Worker, Escapes, Crashes Into Wedding

Siem Reap: According to local media reports, at 1:23 a.m. on March 30, a truck driver entered a Siem Reap massage parlor for no reason, beat a massage girl, and then drove away. Later, police shot and blew his truck tires, eventually stopping the driver.

Siem Reap police said that after receiving a report from the owner of the massage shop, officers rushed to the scene to investigate.The truck driver suddenly drove away and left his three friends at the scene. After the police arrested the three people, they immediately dispatched seven police officers on 5 motorcycles to chase the escaping suspect. Unexpectedly, the truck driver rammed apolice motorcycle, causing a policeman to seriously injure his right foot.

The police then shot and blew the tire of the truck, but the suspect still refused to stop until he crashed into a wedding venue on the side of the road, stopped, and was then arrested.

At present, the local police preparing to transfer the case to the provincial court for trial.

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