Chinese Drug Traffickers Given Life Behind Bars

Phnom Penh/: According to media reports, on March 14, the Phnom Penh City Court sentenced three Chinese drug offenders to life imprisonment and a fine of 100 million riel (about 25,000 US dollars) for possessing more than 1 kilogram of drugs. .

It is reported that the three Chinese defendants were Zi Mou, male, 49 years old; Ba Mou, male, 24 years old, Hou Mou, male, 24 years old. (

It was revealed to the court that at 11:25 on October 18, 2020, the three Chinese defendants were arrested in a rental house in Phnom Penh with 1389.43kg of methamphetamine

After being detained for two years, the Phnom Penh Primary Court announced that the three defendants were sentenced to life imprisonment and each was fined 100 million riel.

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