Cambodians Pointing at Things Gallery

A recently more updated column showing the fabulous ways people in Cambodia point at things for news cameras. Just for fun and in no way to be taken seriously.

Blurry points
Cash points
Tings R Lookin’ up
Lending point
Who loves ya, baby?
Khmer in the USA
Lead point
Camera angle is everything, but does it not look like the pointer has Spiderman style web shooting from his finger, with an anti-Covid sign on the end, striking the perp?
This guy….
…this guy again
—this guy and the squad
Off point
‘Thing’ from the Addams family?
On the point of tears
Over the border Thai pointer
Pirate point
Great pointing and…. OMG…. SHOES!
Diplomacy pointer
Paddy point
Weak point
Guy in the green either giving a sieg heil or a point distracts from the real pointer bottom right
Bodypop pointing
1960 point
Nigerian pointing
A List pointing
Thailand getting in on the act
Suit point
Close point
Road point
Kidnap point
Shadow puppet pointer
Beach body point
Poipet Police Synchronized Pointing squad
Double barrel point
Definitely him point
Pointing at pointer
Scorched meth point
Facebook ‘psychic’ advertising point
Stay pointing
Scissor point
Pavement point
Tourist point
Different point of view
Post point
Pond point
Belly point
Photo point
Hole in the wall point
Blurred point
Car pool point
Ungulate point
Eeny, meeny Minee, meth
Lottery point
More lottery pointing
Grounding points
Sly point
Snack point
The long fingered point of the law
“Heeeey Mr. Cunningham”
Diner’s club points
The Whaaaacky Raaaaaces
The shackled thumbs drug point
Pillar point
Poised point
Mine point
Points across the room
Guesthouse point
Civil engineering point
Shadow point
Pretty perp pointer
Blurred points
Icy point
Bank point
Caught court point
Vocal point
Reporting points
Art point
Mechanic Point
Lone pond pointer
Striding to the point
Horror Movie Point
West Point
Busted Pointers
Sign point
Point covered
Peacekeeping point
Breakwater point
“I’m having my bor-bor, check that truck out yourself”
Map pointers
Flamboyant pointing style
Fake Japanese points
Club points
Sur Le Po(i)nt
5 pointed star
A serious point
Top tier pointing
Full marks given
Body point
Double points pic
On the river point
The pointy end
Stumped point
Trois points
Latex point
Point Break
Point broken
Point at a cow/don’t point at a cash (next time use the flash)
“It’s just a jump the left” (and then a point to the riiiiiiight)
Let’s do the time warp agaaaaaain
Ear itch limp point
Emphatic point
Bullet points
No snaps point
Net point

Pointing the way
Colourful point
Ground point
Cash point
Water point
Slag heap pointers
“Pointing out a nice shirt
Where points meat?
3 point at 1
Double track point
1-up point
A pointy hat
All signs point to meth II
All signs point to meth
Check Point
The point of helmets
Background pointer
Hair rollers bomb point


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Points
Concealed point
Refusing to go quietly point
Wounded point
Pointing out the rules
Donald Sutherland point
Fruit bomb
Points that make you go BOOM (part 2)
Points that make you go BOOM (part 1)
We is screwed point
Bang on point
That’s the hole point
You missed one
Float your boat point
Sales pitch point
Wife beater point
That’s the ciiiiircle, the circle of knife
“And this color for the curtains…”
Hey you, up in the tree, you wanna be free?

“Heeeey, who wants to be these guys? Right?”
“And yo, it’s just another bomb point”
Guilty monk meth point
Mexican Standoff Pointing

Battambang Bro Points
A well manicured point

Practicing safe pointing
Chom Chao Jao Got Pointed.
Chinese Victim Point
Guilty shackled double drugs pointing
“This gentlemen, is a fruit”

The Pub Street Pointers

Spot point
“To infinity…and beyond”
“The body’s under the yellow stuff”
Blind man’s meth point
The angry oknha point
Some lacklustre pointing going on
Either a skate ramp or extreme wheelchair access
Double squatting drugs point
Policeman, soldierman, civilian. A trio of pointers

Props to the guy using his walkie-talkie to point, while trying not to point with his free hand.
“Satan’s tool! What is this witchcraft?”
There’s so much action in this shot, but the pointer is pointing elsewhere.
“This time next year Rodney…” Westerners pointing abroad.
“Over there”
Double barreled point
Consider the lily…
“Joy, lol”
“Smell my finger”
“That tree”
Puddle Pointer
“Look over there, not at the erection between my legs”


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