Teenager And Cow Killed By UXO

Battambang Province: According to a report from police in Koas Kralor District Inspectorate, on Tuesday afternoon, March 8, 2022 at 16:40, a young man died as he was chasing a cow to bring home. The cow stepped on a landmine, causing an explosion, killing both cow and the youth at the scene. This incident happened at the intersection in Prey Toteung village, Chhnal Moan commune, Koas Kralor district, Battambang province.

Police said that the young man who was killed by the mine explosion was named Soeun Vansing, a 13-year-old male living in the commune.

After the incident, the police of Koas Kralor District Inspectorate, in cooperation with the police of Chhnal Moan Commune Administration, inspected the scene and handed over the young man’s body to his family for a traditional ceremony. NKD

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