Chinese ‘Online’ Thugs Beat Pregnant Woman In Poipet Salon

Banteay Meanchey: A group of Chinese and Cambodian perpetrators attacked a pregnant Cambodian woman with a Chinese husband in a beauty salon in Poipet and also injured a Thai man. The incident happened at 5 pm on March 2, at the entrance of Wat Trach, in front of Nokor Reach Clinic, Kbal Spean 1 Village, Sangkat Poipet, Poipet City.

According to reports, a group of Chinese, along with some Cambodian security guards, took two cars to the shop and beat the victims, including a Cambodian woman who is four months pregnant. The assailants, who were clearly captured on CCTV, escaped.

Police and military police of Banteay Meanchey and Poipet City arrived at the scene and recorded the crime.

According to witnesses, the Thai man (victim) who had just come to work for two days for an online gambling company, came to get a haircut at abarber shop. Ms. Dalin, and her husband, Xu Yuan, were in the vicinity of the Nakhon Ratchasima Clinic, Kbal Spean 1 Village when 5-6 Chinese nationals followed the Thai victim, telling him to return to work, and accused him of working for another group. He refused to go back and said that he would pay money to compensate for the contract.

Then, a group of Chinese people in two cars and about 20 Cambodian security guards came to the beauty salon. At that time, the woman who was four months pregnant (with her Chinese husband), reportedly the daughter of Colonel Chan Sopheak, Deputy Post Chief of Poipet International Gate Police, helped to translate, and said that she did not know the victim and did not have anything to do with online work.

Witnesses and Ms. Dalin, the victim, said that without listening to the interpretation, the Chinese group and the Cambodian security guards smashed the door of her shop and beat her with their hands, feet, sticks and electric batons.

After beating the victim relentlessly, injuring her, they intended to drag her into a car, but neighbors intervened. The attackers ran away to cars and motorcycles.

In this case, Colonel Sao Saroeun, Poipet City Police Inspector, told Rasmei Kampuchea news on March 4 that: The city and the commission have been working hard to break the case to seek justice for the victims as well as to maintain security and order.

The Colonel continued, “In this case, although the perpetrators could not be apprehended immediately, the police authorities have already identified the targets and will not allow them to (remain) free.”

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