Korean Businessman Accuses Woman Of $3.7m Theft

Phnom Penh: A woman who was the former General Manager of HYUNDAI PACKAGING (CAMBODIA) CO. LTD, was arrested by the Phnom Penh Municipal Criminal Police on the afternoon of February 19, 2022 and sent to court on charges of breach of trust, embezzlement and forgery to steal company money and fraud.

It is alleged that $3,701,718 US was taken, and that the suspect conspired with two or three others.

The woman was named as Lach Sok Eang, 42 years old, living on Veng Sreng Street, Trapeang Thleung Village, Choam Chao Commune, Phnom Penh. The case is was heard by Mr. Plang Sophal, Deputy Prosecutor of the Phnom Penh Municipal Court. He decided to detain the suspect and temporarily imprison her.

According to the authorities, the woman was sued by a 37-year-old Korean man named Shindang Jin, who is the director of HYUNDAI PACKAGING (CAMBODIA) CO. LTD – an importer and exporter of packaging products containing paper raw materials. The complaint alleges that Lach Sok Eang conspired with two accomplices; a warehouse owner and a reporter, to falsify the seal to embezzle $3,701,718 of the company’s money. The woman denied this, saying that she only recieved $30,000 as her share in the fraud, not $800,000 as the victim claimed. NKD

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