Reports Of Chinese Man’s Death In Suspicious Fall

Sihanoukville: On the evening of February 18, a Ms. Cai told a reporter from Chinese language news agency Cambodia Single Network that her brother fell to his death from a building in Sihanoukville on the 17th , but her family have doubts about his sudden death.

Ms. Cai said that on February 17, they suddenly received a call from a local hospital in Cambodia , saying that her younger brother was seriously injured and was receiving treatment in the hospital, and that the family members needed to pay for the medical expenses. It didn’t take long for the family to receive a call from the hospital again, and were told that he had died on the 17th.

A reporter from Cambodia contacted the staff of Taikang Hospital in Sihanoukville. The other party confirmed that Xiao Cai had been treated in this hospital, but due to the aggravation of his condition, he was transferred to a provincial hospital and unfortunately passed away.

Ms. Cai told reporters that her brother is 30 years old this year and was married. After getting married, the younger brother bid farewell to his wife and went to work overseas to earn money, and was the only financial support of the family. He had a child is five or six years old this year, who has never met him.

“Now that I received the news of my brother’s death, my brother’s departure was unacceptable to the family. I didn’t know what to do. The family washed their faces in tears all day long.”

Regarding the death of her younger brother, the elder sister said that the family were his death was a suicide. “Why did my brother commit suicide? Why go to (Cambodia) to commit suicide? A young man in his prime, with his parents and wife on the top, and a six-year-old child on the bottom, just passed away. Suicide? Or killed?” The parents of the deceased expressed doubts.

Ms. Cai told reporters that her brother’s friend told her that her brother was tricked into an IT job in an “Internet investment park”, but a few days later, he was asked to change jobs and engage in telecom fraud. He was locked up in a small dark room after he didn’t want to, and was beaten and tortured inhumanly.

The younger brother lost contact with his family before, so Ms. Cai asked her brother’s friends in Cambodia for help to help find his whereabouts, but when the good friend found him, the younger brother was already lying in a pool of blood, motionless.

Ms. Cai said that she must not let her brother die for no reason. They all just want to know the truth.

Ms. Cai said that they were born in an ordinary rural family in Fujian, with three brothers and sisters. Due to the poor economic conditions of the family, after Ms. Cai got married, the younger brother has been very diligent and worked hard to take care of the family and parents.

After he got married, he could have enjoyed the sweet life with his wife, but in order to allow his parents and his wife to have a better life and let their children live a happy life, he chose to bid farewell to his parents, separate from his wife, and walk the road to seek a life in a foreign country.

Ms. Cai said that her younger brother’s life was actually quite hard. He went to the Philippines alone to support his family. But he never told his family what he was doing there. Not only did he not make money for the family, but from time to time his brother asked her for living expenses and rent.

When he first went to the Philippines, a friend of his introduced him to a new job, and he finally went to Cambodia. After arriving there, he rarely contacted his sister, but occasionally contacted his wife to see his child.

After he arrived in Cambodia, he lost contact with his family regularly. When he got in touch, he either had no living expenses or the rent expired. Ms. Cai said: “Sometimes I don’t think too much about (him). It’s not easy to think about him being outside alone. We can help as much as we can, but we also have a family after all, and our ability will eventually be limited. “

However, I didn’t expect that after my brother lost contact this time, when we got in touch again, it turned out that the hospital sent us a notice that my brother was in critical condition. The embassy later confirmed that my brother had passed away on February 17th.

Ms. Cai said that her family members were unable to travel to Cambodia due to the epidemic, and she hoped that relevant organizations could help dispose of her brother’s body and bring the ashes back to China. 58CAM

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  • February 20, 2022 at 2:07 pm

    Beware of high rise Buildings in Sihanoukville that are operated by Chinese. Pattaya in Thailand had a similar “Sky Diving” Aera starting after the US Army Personal on Leave (Vietnam War) departed and Tourists turned up.


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