Chinese Gambling Den Raided In Kambol District

Phnom Penh: Kambol District Administrative Unity Command, in cooperation with the Armed Forces and the Deputy Prosecutor, cracked down on a gambling place run by Chinese people, detained many men and women and confiscated materials, but did not allow journalists to take pictures.

The crackdown occurred on the morning of January 28, 2022, at No. 156, Street 3 in Borey Piphop Thmey Kambol, Trapeang Koul Village, Sangkat Kantouk, Khan Kambol, Phnom Penh.

According to sources from the people who live around the house, the illegal gambling location, which is suspected to be run by Chinese nationals, has been running smoothly for a long time. Many Chinese men and women were seen being taken away, and police confiscated many items.

The same source continued that in the district of Kambol, there is always a flow of crimes, whether it is a case of theft, motorcycle theft, etc., but never see any offenders arrested, but only to receive complaints. This is why people are very afraid and are losing confidence in the competent authorities such as the military police.

During the crackdown on illegal gambling, journalists went to take pictures, but the authorities as well as the military did not allow journalists to take pictures for publication.  POST NEWS

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