Suspicious Behavior Leads Cops To Battambang Ganja Farm

Battambang:  A 36-year-old man named Ran Rim, a local resident, was arrested and taken to the district police inspectorate for questioning in a case (cultivation and trafficking of dried marijuana) on January 21, 2022.

OnThe incident happened when his police officer was on duty as usual in Group 14, Ochrap Village, Samlot Commune, Samlot District, Battambang Province, when the man was seen riding a motorbike. When the police force tried to stop him, the man knocked down the motorbike leaving a large bag and fled. An inspection of the bag found it contained marijuana, so the police brought the motorcycle and herbs to the inspectorate for research. The man who owned the motorcycle was identified, and police brought him for questioning.

After questioning, the police took him to show the location of the marijuana plantation and found 75 fresh marijuana plants that were destroyed by the police there.
– * Evidence seized included:
– 17 kg of dried marijuana
– 1 motorcycle, Honda Dream Series 2022, black, with license plate Battambang 1AO.9674

The district police authorities have prepared a case file and sent it to the specialized office of the Battambang Provincial Police for legal action. AREY

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