Handcuffed Woman’s Body Discovered In Prey Nob Shallow Grave

Sihanoukville: The body of a woman was found buried in the ground by people walking around at night, after one knee was seen protruding from the ground middle of the field.

According to the police, the discovery was made at around 8 pm on January 21, between km 199-200, 500 meters north of National Road 4, in Otasek village, O’Oknha Heng commune, Prey Nob district, province. Sihanoukville.

After receiving the body at 9 am on January 22, the competent forces and relevant institutions went down to surround the scene and exhume the body to examine.

According to the forensic experts, the body (unidentified) was a female, 1.55 meters tall, about 15-18 years old, with white hair and blonde hair.

She was wearing shorts, a pink short-sleeved shirt , silver necklace and on the left middle finger was a silver ring.

The body had distinctive tattoos on the right shoulder, the back, and the left shoulder.

The corpse was decomposed, handcuffed, and had a broken right forearm, black calf and right thigh, black bruised on the right chest, under the armpits, head wounds to the left ear, and injuries on the stomach.

After the autopsy, the forensic experts concluded that it was a case of beating and stabbing to death. After checking at the scene, the police packed the body and took it to Sihanoukville Provincial Referral Hospital. Currently, a team is investigating and searching for the relevant people to be punished according to the law. WARNING IMAGES ARE DISTURBING- KPT

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