12 Tons Of Seafood Seized In Kampot

Kampot: A shipment of shrimp and crabs were stopped by Kampong Trach District Authorities at midnight on January 16, 2022, at the eastern point of the bridge in Kampong Trach district, in Kampong Trach I village, Kampong Trach commune, east of Kampong Trach district, Kampot province.on

In this operation, Mr. Khim Samy, Deputy Governor of Kampong Trach District and Mr. Nget Savoeun, Chief of Prek Chak International Border Crossing, led a joint force to stop two vehicles carrying 600 boxes of shrimp and about 10 of crabs weighing about 12 tons. Authroities began checking the seafood on the morning of January 17, 2022.

On the afternoon of January 17, 2022, the Deputy Prosecutor of Kampot Province confirmed that all the prawns in the foam boxes were injected with jelly, while the crab and other types of seafood were not injected. However, the authorities considered all the seafood to be associated with economic crime.

After inspecting all the shrimp and seafood (12 tons), the authorities and competent authorities kept the boxes at the Police Inspectorate of Kampong Trach District and will burn tomorrow on the morning of January 18. 2022. Separately, the two vehicles involved in the transport will face fines according to law. KPT

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