RE: Trouble At Tianyi Hotel- Case Resolved

Phnom Penh: Following reports that a Chinese man had slapped a young hotel employee at Tianyi Hotel, Chinese media sources have followed up the story.

Fa Ge, the Chinese man accused of the slapping told ‘CAMDAN’ that “I have found the employee using his mobile phone many times at work, and I have warned him many times not to use his mobile phone during work hours. On the day of the incident, I saw the employee playing with his mobile phone again, so I went up and patted him lightly. Just for a moment.” He didn’t expect that this gentle slap would bring him huge trouble.

For most Chinese, it is not impolite to pat lightly, but is seen as a kind of joke, but most Cambodians think it is impolite.

Because the Chinese man touched his forehead, the Cambodian was very angry, due to cultural differences.

After the incident, the employee told his mother what happened at the workplace. The mother heard that her son had been “beaten” by the bossess, and she decided to call the police and told the police that her son had been hit by Chinese managers many times.

After receiving the report, the police investigated the matter, and then the mother also called reporters to come forward to publish the story. Because of her mood swings at the time, she made many exaggerated and angry claims.

The Chinese man Fa Ge, invited the Cambodian employee and his mother to the workplace, and they discussed the issue face to face,

After the Cambodian employee heard that the incident had a huge impact on the Chinese man, he was willing to write down the original details of the incident and presented it in written form, accepting that he hadn’t undestood the ‘joke’.

After the incident, the hotel also gave the employee 400$ in comfort money, and explained to him some Chinese customs, and reached a settlement with a witness from the police.

One thought on “RE: Trouble At Tianyi Hotel- Case Resolved

  • January 13, 2022 at 8:57 am

    Good news. Win win, now friends again. Khmer regulations give opposing parties 24 hours to settle their issues. After that it goes to court. No need for that in many cases.


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