Thais Caught With Cambodian Cancer Canes

Thailand: On the afternoon of January 9, Thai police seized 6,000 packs of cigarettes smuggled from Cambodia in Sisaket Province and arrested two Thai men.

It is understood that before the incident, Thai border guards intercepted a car with a Thai license plate while on patrol, and found a large number of cardboard boxes in the car, and the pair were suspected of smuggling. Therefore, Thai soldiers immediately checked and found 6,000 packs of smuggled cigarettes, including: 440 packs of SMS cigarette brands, 600 packs of Marlboro cigarettes and 4,960 packs of Texas cigarettes. TheThai men in the car were arrested.

After interrogation, the two Thai men admitted that the cigarettes were smuggled from Cambodia and intended to be sold in Thailand.

At present, the two suspects and evidence have been handed over to the Thai police, and legal measures will be taken.

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