Google Headlines of the Day

Showing a collection of local media headlines run through Google and Facebook Translate

Lead on, MacDuff
Japanese housewives sound interesting
Shakin’ hair, them big puppies… tell me more
This wasn’t even translated. Moo-in, drop out, maaaan
Ebenezer Goode and Move Any Mountain
Nazi fish or commie fish? your call
Why punish the victims?
It’s the illegal shit, bruh
Yeah, Finland, LOL
My brother Bili’s got a 10 foot…….
MMMMM, kittens
Prefer illegal burgers
Pray that Alvin, Simon and Theodore recover quickly. Dave was probably drunk and high on meth.
Careful of that last risky drink
Yeah, that famous old saying.
Never pull on the wolf’s butt after drinking
Hardly a laughing matter
Would be my reaction to, TBH
Wind shocks and sex toy cars
Slut shaming?
Makes sense

Some angry, angry, angry, angry, angry, angry, angry, angry, people
An update on cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, cake
And plenty about a randy old man who died on a lobster

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