Chinese Driver Wrecks Bentley & Tuk Tuks On Sisowath

Phnom Penh: A BENTLEY FLYING SPUR driven by a Chinese man at high speed crashed into a tuk-tuks parked in front of a house. Damage was caused to to the door of the house and tuk-tuks, and two people were injured.

The incident happened at 8 am on January 2, 2022 in front of the night market along Sisowath Quay in Wat Phnom, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh.
According to sources, prior to the incident, a Chinese man and woman were seen traveling in a black BENTLEY FLYING SPUR with license plate number 2B-8889, driving along Sisowath Quay. In front of the night market, the car hit three tuk-tuks parked in front of people’s houses, causing damage.

Colonel Nhet Sam Ath, Chief of Wat Phnom Administrative Police Station, also confirmed that a Chinese man and woman were arrested immediately after the incident.

After the incident, the local police force and the specialized police force arrived at the scene and contacted the specialized police took the vehicles to be stored at the Land Traffic Office of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police to wait for compensation. MCPN

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