Two Chinese Arrested After Failed Kidnap Ends In Shooting

Sihanoukville: According to reports, at 4:30 pm on December 24, in Sangkat 4, Sihanoukville, two Chinese men were arrested by the police on suspicion of shooting, illegal possession of firearms and for kidnapping and extorting fellow Chinese nationals.

The suspects have been named as Jiang Feng and Bao Jie. The victims, named as Wang Bie Jie, male, 25 years old, a Chinese national a hotel manager at Golden Sands Casino Hotel, and Zhang Shuang, male, 33 years old, a hotel security guard.

At 1:20 noon on December 23, the two suspects made an appointment with victim Wang to apply for a job in a hotel. 

The suspect named Jiang held a gun at the victim’s belly, and the suspect Bao strangled the victim’s neck.

At this time, the other victim, security guard Zhang, stepped in to help his boss and Jiang shot the victim Zhang in the stomach, causing him serious injuries. The two suspects fled immediately.

After the incident, the local police rushed to the scene to intervene and arrested the suspect Bao at 2:30 pm that day. Then at 4:30 pm on December 24, the other suspect Jiang was detained.

Police seized 1 pistol, 5 bullets, 1 silencer, 2 handcuffs, 1 electric baton, and 1 plastic tape from the suspect.

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  • December 26, 2021 at 11:11 am

    I hope that this kind of “Business” does not migrate to Kampot.


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