Casino Ordered Shut After Kidnap Case

Sihanoukville: According to Chinese media, on December 15, a casino in Sihanoukville was ordered to temporarily suspend operations by the provincial government after a suspected case of kidnapping and illegal detention.

It is reported that the casino is located in the Village 2, Sangkat 2. EDIT: Later named in CC-Times as Dingsheng International Casino.

According to a notice issued by the provincial authorities, on December 14, after learning of the above-mentioned casino, the Provincial Police immediately rushed to the premises to investigate. As a result, an illegal detention, abuse, kidnapping and extortion case was cracked. Therefore, the provincial authorities decided to temporarily prohibit the casino from continuing to operate.

The notice said that at present, the aforementioned casino is under investigation. During this period, the owners are temporarily prohibited from authorizing, selling, or leasing the casino to others, and must first settle wages to employees. If the managers do not comply with the regulations of the provincial government, they will take stricter legal measures. 58CAM

One thought on “Casino Ordered Shut After Kidnap Case

  • December 17, 2021 at 10:25 am

    Too lenient on the Casino Operator. How about checking out the Kampot Paradise Hotel which seems to have turned into a online Casino. Everything fensed up now, barbed wire, Security staff at Gate, well the whole recepie of what we’ve seen before.


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