Drunken Gunman Sprays & Flees In Battambang

Battambang: More than 20 gunshots were fired during the night in Samlot district and the perpetrator escaped into the forest. The authorities are continuing to investigate.

According to the report from the police, the perpetrator of the shooting were not found on the night of December 7.

Police confirmed that the shooter, after getting drunk, had a verbal argument with his son-in-law and pulled out several guns at around 8:00 pm on December 6, 2021 at the perpetrator’s house in O Snguot village, Ta Sanh commune, Srok district. Samlot, Battambang province.

Immediately after the incident, the police arrived at the scene and found that the suspect was using an illegal AK-47 weapon, and police found shell casings. Up to 21 shots were fired.

Local police added that in the above case, they are conducting a careful search, especially in the dense forest nearby the scene, and have gone in armed, in case of trouble. RASMEI

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