A Love Triangle & Mistaken Identity Leads To Stabbing

Battambang: According to reports, four suspects in Battambang province were arrested by the police on suspicion of attempted murder.

It is reported that the 4 suspects include 3 men and 1 woman, aged between 26 and 33 years old. The victim was a male aged 28 years old.

Before the incident, the female suspect asked three male suspects to hack her ex-boyfriend to death. On November 27, the three male suspects saw a man who resembled the female suspect’s ex-boyfriend and immediately attacked him with knives, resulting in serious injuries to the victim. However, the victim was not the ex-boyfriend of the aforementioned female suspect.

After the incident, the local police rushed to the scene to investigate and arrested the suspects.

At present, all the suspects have been escorted to the police station, awaiting legal procedures.

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