UPDATE: Chinese Detained Near Laos Border (Released)

Stung Treng: According initial reports, at 3:30 pm on November 29, a number of Chinese nationals in Stung Treng province were suspected of being involved in smuggling and were arrested by the police.

Two cars with several Chinese passengers and drivers were stopped leaving the border between Cambodia and Laos, ready to go to Phnom Penh .

After the border guards checked the vehicles, they found an unknown number of white boxes in the car, which may contain drugs or other illegal goods. The people were detained and taken to the local police station.

Currently, the local police are investigating, but did not disclose more information.

UPDATE: After being detained at Stung Treng Provincial Police for one night, on the morning of November 30, the goods were found to be alcohol; 86 cases of wine, with six bottles in each case. Priced at around $ 500, it is a Chinese wine imported for the new year.

After no charges were brought, the car and the Chinese nationals were released on the afternoon of November 30.

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