Chinese Men Claim Tuk Tuk Driver Attacked Them

Phnom Penh: According to Chinese media, two Chinese nationals were assaulted at about 02:40 at the junction of the bridge to Diamond Island. One man required six stitches to his face, and the other needed three or four stitches.

The source said that two men were working in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant. When they walked back to the dormitory after work, a local tuk-tuk driver suddenly stopped and hit them with a stone and drove away.

After communicating with a nearby local security guard, they learned that the intersection was in a blind spot for surveillance, and such incidents often occurred.

It is reported that the two compatriots do not usually have contact with the locals, they do not have bad habits, and there is no situation of enmity or revenge against the locals.

At three o’clock in the morning, with the help of colleagues, two compatriots were sent hospital

Recently, incidents of kidnapping and robbery have occurred frequently in Sihanoukville , Phnom Penh and other places. The owner of a restaurant in Sihanoukville told media that the number of diners in their restaurant has dropped by nearly 40% recently, and in the evening, there are very few visitors.

There are many reasons believed to be behind the recent sharp increase in crime.

On the one hand, previous studies have shown that the stay-at-home policy implemented due to the new crown epidemic is related to the decline in crime rates. Among them, the smallest decrease in average was intentional homicide (14%), and the largest was robbery (46%) and theft (47%). Burglary (28%), car theft (37%) and assault (35%). Stricter restrictions on movement in public spaces can also be cited as a reason for the reduction.

However, as the epidemic is gradually brought under control and Cambodia is fully opened up, the illegal crimes that existed in the past will gradually return to their previous levels.

On the other hand, a person who was rescued by an online investment company broke the news to Cambodia website that so called ‘online investment companies’ have carried out more kidnapping and other illegal crimes than in the past due to lack of “fresh blood” recruits..

Some netizens also believe that it is because of the recent rampant crimes committed by the Chinese in Sihanoukville and other places that have caused great dissatisfaction among the locals. This is their “retaliation.”

This argument is unfounded and illogical. This kind of behavior is untenable in any case, and the so-called “retaliation” against the Chinese is only speculation.

However, it is an undisputed fact that the security situation in Sihanoukville, Phnom Penh and other places is worrying. Chinese in Cambodia are warned to try their best not to go out late at night, and to travel in groups when going out to minimize the possibility of encountering danger. SOURCE: 58CAM

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