China: Half Of Passengers Denied Cambodia Bound Flight Boarding

China: A passenger boarding a flight to Cambodia was quoted in Chinese media as saying “About half of the people on our flight were intercepted by border control, and only nearly 100 people successfully boarded! Some of the people stopped were new passports, and some were young Northeastern girls who were particularly stylishly dressed.”

On the morning of November 25, it was reported that of the passengers waiting to take Guangzhou to Phnom Penh Angkor Airlines flight K6669 only about 50% successfully boarded the plane. On the same plane, there were also two Cambodian women escorted by the Hunan police . They were thought to be trafficked Cambodian brides.

The sources said that he had already learned the relevant information on travel documents before, so he was very nervous and worried about which link would go wrong. However, as he was not engaged in any illegal industry in Cambodia, he was relatively confident.

‘Mr. Guan’ said he had previously opened a restaurant in Phnom Penh , but he returned to China during the COVID situation. Now that the epidemic in Cambodia has eased, Prime Minister Hun Sen also announced that there is no need to quarantine when entering the country. Therefore, he decided to come back.

He said that in order to verify his information and facilitate inspections during border inspections, he also made special preparations in advance. As a result, he found that his account on the Cambodian food delivery platform could not be opened. He was worried that the customs had to check, so he tried to contact the food delivery platform and finally opened it.

Mr. Guan said that he is a native of Hubei. When he boarded the plane from Wuhan Airport on November 23, it was only a regular inspection, but when he boarded the plane from Guangzhou Airport on November 25, the inspection was very strict.

He said that the customs will inquire in detail including: 1. What will you do in Cambodia? 2. How long did you do it before? 3. What’s the proof? 4. When was the last time you returned to China? 5. Family situation, etc. In addition, police can check your mobile phone, WeChat chat history, etc. However, the invitation letter mentioned by someone was not checked.

“I arrived at the airport earlier and the check-in was earlier. When I successfully passed the customs, there were only about 20 people in front.”

Mr. Guan said that he found that many people on the same flight were stopped by the border check. “I heard that some of them used new passports, there are several young Northeastern girls who are very well-dressed. In the end, about 100 people successfully passed the customs, and about 20% of them were transiting to Vietnam via Phnom Penh.”

He pointed out that it can be seen that the impact of the epidemic not only on Cambodia, but also on China is very large. For example, almost all duty-free shops at Guangzhou Airport are closed, and there are very few staff members.

In any case, Mr. Guan said that as long as you act right and straight, don’t engage in fraud, gambling and drugs in Cambodia, especially illegal activities such as online gambling, basically don’t be afraid, because the Chinese police will never deliberately make things difficult.

In fact, China’s strict control over people leaving the country has no harm in cracking down on illegal activities such as online gambling. Many Chinese compatriots in Cambodia also said that some Chinese people are engaged in illegal activities such as online gambling, kidnapping, extortion, and murder in Cambodia, which not only damages China’s image, but also detrimental to the business and living environment of Chinese compatriots in Cambodia. Therefore, the relevant policies are absolutely supported.

Of course, for those who really need to leave the country, as long as they provide relevant certification materials truthfully, the probability of a smooth exit is still very high. 58CAM

2 thoughts on “China: Half Of Passengers Denied Cambodia Bound Flight Boarding

  • November 26, 2021 at 1:15 pm

    Good riddance of Traffickers, thank you China for keeping the criminals out.

    • November 29, 2021 at 12:42 pm

      Keeping the criminals out, haha.
      Almost the only flights to PNH currently are from China. I don’t think they are full of spendy tourists. They are casino, phone-scam, and brothel workers, and other undesirables..


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