Attention All Geeks! Nerd Night Is Striking Back!

As events begin, the unconventional Nerd Night Phnom Penh returns

Phnom Penh: Events were one of the last COVID restrictions to be removed, but when it finally happened earlier this month, the city started back up with networking events, live music concerts, trivia nights and more.

Marking the culmination of all this is the return of one of Phnom Penh’s largest and oldest regular events for English speaking audiences: Nerd Night. This fun yet thought provoking series has been attracting audiences of over a hundred fans every other Monday for ten years and can be seen as an institution in the expat community. Fans will be delighted to know that after a ten-month hiatus Nerd Night will finally be brought back to the stage next Monday.

At each event, 4-6 people give presentations on a variety of quirky and interesting topics ranging from mercantile law to “The Evil of Flip-Flops,” and often include surprises like musical numbers or magic performances. There’s a catch though, each talk must have exactly 20 slides and each slide must last exactly 20 seconds. This leads to rapid fire, fun talks avoiding long drawn out presentations. At the end of each presentation there is a brief Q&A which allows the audience to interact with the speakers. The topic range is broad because anyone who is interested can sign up to speak about whatever their nerdy passion happens to be.

Nerd Night’s comeback event, sponsored by Factory Phnom Penh, will be able to accommodate its long-time fans and welcome all new guests. Two Birds Brewery will also be serving a variety of local and imported craft beers, and following it, Nerd night plans to return to its usual schedule of events every two weeks.

The event will be held on November 29 at 8PM at Two Birds Brewery in Factory Phnom Penh and as usual there will be a diverse array of fascinating speakers, this time covering Hannukah, headhunting warriors, diseases and Khmer spelling . follow Nerd Night’s event page for more information on speakers and their topics.

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